About Us

Little Pine Outfitters is based out of Bend, Oregon and is centered around handcrafted accessories that are made from quality materials. All products are constructed by hand in a tiny studio with attention to detail and functionality. Little Pine Outfitters originally started as Little Pine Knitting Co., specializing in handmade knits for men and women. Two years later, Top Knot Headbands was opened which specialized in designer fabric headbands. After one year of operating as two separate entities, a name change and a joining of the two shops was necessary to expand creative growth and unity. Now, all items can be found in one place and the creativity is endless!

All bonnets are produced by hand, stitch by stitch, and made from 100% American wool. Each bonnet is designed and constructed with style and functional use in mind, all while remaining stylish and still serving the purpose they were intended for - to keep your babe's head warm. Thousands of stitches and many hours go into each bonnet; no machines are ever used in the making process.

All moccs are designed and crafted from chrome-free vegetable tanned leather. After much research into the leather hide industry, it was found that leather tanning can be very harsh on the environment, and could create skin allergies for your little ones. The leather used for our moccs is free from harsh metals and is vegetable tanned; guaranteeing an eco-friendly and allergen-free product for you and your baby.

All headbands are made from designer fabric in amazing prints and solids. The headbands are very versatile in style - they can be worn so many different ways and are made in one size so they can fit a wide range of ages. From babies to adults, these headbands are the ultimate accessory to add style!