Naturally Dyed Hair Scarf

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Naturally dyed cotton hair scarf - dyed with avocado pits and skins to create a beautiful muted blush/rose hue. Each scarf measures 14” x 14”. These look great tied around a low/high ponytail or bun. Because of the nature of natural dye, there will be slight color variations on each scarf, but it’s subtle and its beauty appreciated. Scroll to the bottom to see all photos.

How to tie:

fold into triangle. 

At the fold, roll or continue to fold your scarf in 1” increments until you reach the point of the triangle. (see second photo)

Take the rolled/folded scarf and place it around your ponytail/bun. You can either tie it so the knot is showing on top, or underneath to create a smooth wrapped look around your elastic. 

Tie the scarf twice to your desired tightness. 

You can iron your scarf between each wear, or leave it wrinkled for a more casual look.