Leather Baby Booties - Chestnut

Leather Baby Booties - Chestnut

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Our leather baby booties are made from the softest chrome-free vegetable tanned leather with a leather lace around the ankle to keep them secure on your little one's feet. The leather used to make our booties is allergen-free and safe for the environment, making our booties the perfect first shoe. We are one of the few shops offering chrome-free vegetable tanned leather booties, and they are worth their weight in gold based on our choice to be environmentally conscious, and to bring you a quality product that is allergen-free for your children. Each pair of booties are hand-cut and sewn or laced individually - no mass production or warehouses! 

booties can be worn indoor or outdoor and are a perfect addition to any outfit. Great for the little walkers as it is like being barefoot without all the restrictions of a shoe.

Please measure your child's foot from heel to toe before ordering.
You will want 1/2"-3/4" additional space for growing room (for example: 4" foot should wear 6-12 mo. booties or larger.).

Sizing Chart (sole measurements of booties from heel to toe): 

Newborn: 3.5”
3-6 months: 4"